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Train Tix All Sold Out to Chiang Mai! What Do I do?

Got an email from Traveller2000 today telling me that all train tickets for Dec 31 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (via Thailand’s State Railway) have been sold out! What do I do? I don’t wanna take a bus. I’m scared to try other methods of transport because it might be spotty. I went back to […]

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Can anyone tell me the best way to book a flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket?

I just flew in to Thailand and have no idea what Im doing. I took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai yesterday and in 2 days I would like to go to Phuket. I would prefer to fly there from Chiang Mai…I didnt really care for the train. Any recommendations?

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What should i pack for a 2-week trip to Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai)?

I’m going from Saturday to July 1 to see my mother.. Weather.com says the temperatures in both cities is high 80’s low 90’s with many scattered thunderstorms, precipitation chance is about 60% in bangkok and 40% in CM. Coming from southern cali we don’t get much weather.. i’m not really sure what to wear in […]

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I heard that I should wear “full” shoes in Thailand, but some suggest wearing sandals. What to wear?!?

I read about the dangers of insects/snakes/ poisonous what-nots. Those guides clearly told me to never wear sandals and to always wear full trainers/sneakers because of the dangers. Other guides are now telling me that the heat will make it unbearable to wear such shoes and I should opt for a sandal instead. WHAT SHOULD […]

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How long does a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai take?

Or how long does a train (overnight?) take from Chiang Mai down to the southern tip of Thailand? I’m trying to plan a week vacation in Thailand, and I want to save money and not fly around if the trains are okay.

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3 week trip to Thailand, going to Bangkok and KO samui, should i go to Chiang Mai also?

18, looking for adventure,backpacking

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How is Chiang Mai like if you’ve ever been there, and can you give suggestions on the best tourism spots?

I’m going on a holiday next week in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but unfortunately I had never heard of that place until my mother informed me that we were going on this trip. Some of my friends who have been there before say it’s all night markets and bazaars, which kind of put me down, but […]

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Where can I find wholesale crafts at ChiangMai Thailand?

Looking for cheap & fine crafts in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dealing with Home decor, fashion accessories (handmade bags, scarf, necklace, anklet, bracelet), lighting, aroma products, painting, souvenir. Would like to look for furniture to decorate F&B too. Btw, where is the best accommodation, where I can easily access to all the wholesale crafts (budget is […]

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Thailand Elephant Trekking- Humane? – Chiang Mai?

I am wondering if there are non-abusive elephant camps in Chiang Mai? I see that there is the Elephant Nature Park, which looks fun, but quite pricey. Is there any place to actually ride elephants which does not abuse them? If not, I will happily go to the Nature Park and pay more. Especially if […]

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Thailand vacation: Which would you choose Krabi or Phuket or Chiang Mai?

I’m going to be in Thailand for 2 weeks in November. I’ll be in Bangkok and Pattaya and I’m looking to include a 3rd destination. Fellow travelers, if you had to choose between Krabi, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, which would you pick and why (i.e. less crowded, fewer trannies, better activities, etc.)

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