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cost of corn and flour tortillias in Bangkok, or Chiang Mai. Thanks?

Availability and cost of corn, and flour tortillas in Thailand? Thanks

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Recommend an itinerary for a trek up to Chiang Mai?

Hello. I’m a 26 year old backpacker. Flying into Bangkok on Thursday. Meeting a friend in Chiang Mai on the Monday for a couple of days. That leaves me 4 days. Looking for some suggestions on a cool route up to Chiang Mai. Will take the train or bus. I’m very outgoing, and would rather […]

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Is it really ok to ride on an elephants back or does it distress the elephant?

I’m going to Chiang Mai in Thailand for a stay of about 3 weeks and I am considering going on a so-called elephant “safari” but part of me is wondering if it’s ok to do so…I mean should they be treated like that? I’m no PETA activist or anything just wondering about the hole thing? […]

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Can I get a nice silver necklace in Thailand?

OK I reeeeally want a nice silver necklace, not too big just with a little decoration on it like a heart or something but i only have like fifteen pounds, by the time I go to Thailand I guess I’ll have about thirty. Will I be able to get a nice, cheap (but not cheap […]

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Cheap Flights and Travel to Thailand from US?

I am going to Thailand at the end of June through July. Does anyone have advice for the cheapest place to find tickets to Thailand from FL without flying 40+ hours? In country, we are interested in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and a quieter beach not too far from Bangkok. Any suggestions on hotels, sites, and […]

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Where is the Highest Point in Thailand?

In the movie The Love of Siam, Tong’s family has a picture wherein they are posing in front of a sign saying that they are at the highest point in Thailand. I think it is somewhere in Chiang Mai. But where there exactly, like, with that exact sign and all.

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What kind of jewelry is the best buy in Thailand? Gold, silver, diamonds, gems, etc? All the above?

I’ll be going to a Thailand in a few weeks, and I’ve always heard that you can get a great deal on jewelry. I’m just not sure where to go or even what to look for. I’d like to buy my wife something. So, anyone know where to find the best deal, and what sort […]

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Koh Samui, Chiang Mai & Bangkok?

I’m going to Thailand for 12 days at the end of the month. I wanna go to Koh Samui & Chiang Mai and stop over in Bangkok for 2 nights 3 days. How should I plan my travel? Which place should I visit first (depending on convenience) How far are Koh Samui and Chiang Mai […]

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what is the weather like in Thailand in June or July?

Some friends and i are planning a trip to Thailand in either June or July of this year, specifically Bangkok, Pattaya (open to other beach suggestions near Bangkok ) and Chiang Mai. What will the weather be like and how will it affect our trip. through my research i am not getting any solid information. […]

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How much should a trip to Thailand cost?

I’m looking to get an idea how much a trip to Thailand from NY in November would cost. Thinking of doing 10 days, split as such: Bangkok Ayutthaya Chiang Mai Anyone can tell me about their trip costs? Airfare and lodging

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