About Thailand route from BKK up to North. ?

I will have a trip to Thailand next April or May. From BKK- Ayuthaya_Lopburi-Sukhothai-Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai. How many days should I stay in BKK ? And how about Chiang Mai? Is Lopburi worth visiting? Please advise me about this route. Should I take bus or train? On night or daytime ? As the scenery around from place to place maybe nice. Thanks so much!

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  1. depend what do you wanna do in Bkk. Ayuthaya you can do a day trip. I am not sure how long it takes by train. It takes 12 hr by the train to chiangmai. We have low cost airline here. I will leve u a link. Sometime they have good promotion. You should visit Chiangmai around 13th April. We have Songkarn festival (splash water)and this is big in Chiangmai but very hot in that time. So many things to do in chiangmai like night market around Tha Phare or u can visit the elephant shows.
    Another thing i recommend u. Go to beach. Sorry cant help much. Any prpblem u can email me.

  2. Lopburi is worth for visiting.. You can find many monkeys in the city

    and Sukhothai is so cool too.. I cant give you many suggestions.

    Maybe this help


  3. How much time do you have?

    Anyway, spend just a couple days in Bangkok.

    If you are a shutterbug, or just enjoy looking at scenery, then it sounds like you have a good trip planned.

    I would allow for one day (but not sleep in) Ayuthaya. You can take a bus to lopburi from there and spend the night in lopburi. In addition to the Monkeys there is a Temple well worth a visit in Lopburi.

    Spend about 4 or 5 days in Chiang Mai, there is plenty in and around the city to keep you occupied. Chiang Rai is nice, but keep that to a day trip.

    I’d go from BKK to ayuthaya by train, stop at Bang Pa In and visit the palace there, then hop on another train to Ayuthaya (they are really close). After that, I’d take buses the rest of the trip.

    Spend a night each in Lopburi, and Sukothai. Since your trip will be broken up, your bus trips should be during daylight hours, the scenery along the route is enjoyable.

    Good Luck

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