aside from the passport what else do i need to travel thailand?

its my first time to travel out of the country,im not sure if passport is the only passes.can you please tell me ,is there other things needed to be able to travel abroad like in thailand?i just want to have a hustle free mind before the moment i travel.

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  1. a fly swatter and note reminding you not to take drugs into the country

  2. thai visa, contact the thai embassy online

  3. lotsa thai baht

  4. Lots of money if you are interested for Night Life.

  5. If you do go to Thailand
    As well as your Passport you must have a Return Ticket to enter the Kingdom and the Area you will be staying will be needed for your Immigration Paper on the Plane.
    You do not need a Visa as you can stay up to 30 Days in the Kingdom on the Tourist Stamp you will receive at the Airport
    You can also get an extra 10 Days from the Local Immigration office in the Main Towns.
    Best to book a Hotel over there as some like the Sawasdee Hotels are ok and a Lot Cheaper if you do not want to spend to much Baht.

  6. 1) You need your passport and it must be valid for at least six months after your intended departure date. You can stay for up to 30 days without a visa. Any longer you need to get a visa.

    2) Make sure you have 500 baht in cash with you before flying out of the country – payable at the airport. You don’t have it – you can not leave. Many tourists got caught out regarding this service charge.

    3) do some research into what vaccination or medication you should take. Some people will tell you that you don’t need any, and it’s your choice whose advise you take but prevention is better than cure. I strongly suggest at a minimum – Hep A and typhoid.

    4) Common sense and courtesy. Do some research into Thai customs. It will help make you stay a lot more enjoyable and safe. Be alert to your own safety.

    5) You will need a take with you A LOT OF PATIENCE. If this is your first time overseas, then be prepare for a culture shock. Things do not operate the same way they do in your own country

    6) Do more research about Thailand. Lonely Planet Guide is a good source of information. There are also many good answers to questions similar to yours right here on Yahoo! Answers. Search for them and have a read.

    Thailand is used to foreign tourists. Most people can understand some english and most people are very willing to help, but DO use some comon sense to be safe. Just like everywhere in the world, there will be people who want to take advantage of you (like, don’t go anywhere with strangers no matter how friendly they may appear to be, and don’t accept food and drinks from them)

    Thai people are very big on good manners. If you show good manners to them, they will go out of their way to assist you.

    Any more question you can think of, post them here on Yahoo. There is a vast amount of cumulative knowledge to answer your questions about Thailand.

  7. 3 most important things:
    1.Return ticket preferabbly Cathay Pacific if u are travelling in Asia Pacific.
    2.Thai Baht lots of them minimum hundred thousand 1US$=36-39 Thai Baht
    3Thai Embassy visa
    thats all my friend

  8. Good quality condoms. Dont pack too many clothes because you can buy very nice pants and shirts. they give you good price.
    Same Same good advice above.

  9. malaria pills

  10. Besides your passport, the most important will be the 500 baht you need to leave the country,
    don’t pack to much cause you don’t want to be hauling it around and clothes in Thailand are quite cheap, keep it to a minimal.
    I suggest not bringing to much American cash, just use a debit card and withdraw at ATMs there are tons of them everywhere you go.
    if you plan on calling home while your there get a calling card in the airport not from here cause they don’t always work.
    Also bring a copy of your passport in case you lose it, its a lot easier to get a new one over there, and bring a drivers license or another form of identification.
    don’t let doctors trick you into getting the malaria pill cause its pointless unless you’ll be in Burma or northern countries, and if you mess it up you’ll be sick for a couple days.
    get bug spray or the new bug patches to keep them away cause they come in swarms.
    Last but not least make sure you don’t forget the camera!!

  11. Thailand is a nice country much different than Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand!
    checkout my site if you need advise when you get here you can email me. I made the site for travelers to bangkok!

  12. Phrase book, condoms and a fat wallet.

    Don’t pack to much as it’s a pain lugging around lots of luggage in the heat and you can pick up lots of fake label clothes for cheap.

  13. an Empty suitcase – You will want to buy so many Nice clothes at cheap prices that you will need the space.

    Do not take Malaria tablets unless you are going north near the Burma border or far south near the Cambodia Border and the islands down there. The side effects can be horrendous.

    Thailand has a high HIV incidence amongst sex workers, so be warned. The Thais are beautiful friendly people, you will find it hard to resist there offers – so be prepared.

    as other have said you need 500 Baht airport tax when you leave.

    ATM machines are everywhere, so do not take a lot of cash or travelers cheques.

    In general there are not many flies in Thailand, but the mosquitoes sure do bite. But most do not transmit malaria in Bangkok and other cities.

    The best thing to take with you is a big smile. Smile or the time it will get you a lot of help. Thais smile all the time. That is why they call it the land of smiles.

    Be prepared for culture shock. Lots of things are the opposite of what you expect in the west.

    Have a nice time and relax into the slow pace of Thailand.

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