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Recommended Clothing

Thailand, recommended clothing

Selecting appropriate clothing for visiting Thailand depends on the season and your itinerary, including your intended activities. However, while shorts, sleeveless t-shirts, and sandals would seem most practical, Thailand has somewhat conservative dressing standards and Thais tend to look disapprovingly on those too casually dressed, particularly for those intending to visit temples or establishments catering […]

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Rainy Season (July – October)

Thailand, Rainy Season

The rainy season lasts from July to October and is dominated by the southwest monsoon, during which time rainfall in most of Thailand is at its heaviest. However, like the “cool” season, the name “rainy season” is slightly misleading. While it certainly does rain during this season it’s more likely to consist of flash-flood afternoon […]

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Hot Season (March – June)

Thailand, Hot Season

The weather in Thailand classified as the hot season lasts from March to June when higher relative temperatures and occasional rain are the norm. Around the inland areas, including Bangkok and Ayutthaya, this often means punishing heat and high humidity. The temperatures in the hot season begin climbing in February and by April the unrelenting […]

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Cool Season (November – February)

Thailand, Cool Season

The weather in Thailand around the central, northern, and northeastern regions is mostly cool and dry between November and February, consequently these are the most popular months to visit Thailand. Considering its location in the tropics however, the Thailand climate is quite warm most of the year and genuinely “cool” weather really only occurs in […]

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Weather Season

Thailand, Season

The weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid: typical of its location within the tropics. Generally speaking, Thailand can be divided into three seasons: “hot” season, rainy season, and “cool” season, though Thailand’s geography allows visitors to find suitable weather somewhere in the country throughout the year.

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