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Prasat Khao Phanom Rung


The unlikely marriage of delicate beauty and unsurpassable strength, leading one to surmise that this form of supreme art derives from the will to foster a link between god and man through the beliefs meticulously carved in the details of this stone sanctuary. Direction from Buriram city centre, take highway No 219, turn left to […]

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Thai Massage

massage Thailand

Traditional Thai massage combines yoga and the techniques of pressure on the meridians Medical Health Spa in Bangkok If your personal struggle to cope with the stresses of daily life or work seems to find tackle the cause of the muscles, Thai massage Perhaps that research on the body and mind. Thai massage is an […]

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Talay Waek, Krabi

Talay Waek, Krabi

Talay Waek, or the sea divided, refers to a phenomenon when the tide separated into two directions in the middle of the Andaman Sea, revealing a white sand dune, a passage between the three islands, namely Koh Tab Koh Kai, Koh Mo, hence the Name Talay waek. Krabi driving along Highway 4034, turn left and […]

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Tuk Tuk


Tuk Tuk are small vehicles with 3 wheels, mostly used for transportation of people. Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

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Muay Thai

Thailand, Muay Thai

Thailand, Muay Thai Thai boxing has been around for over a thousand years. However, it can be traced back using records to 400 years ago in the former capital of Thailand known as Ayuthaya. Various forms of kickboxing have long been practiced throughout mainland Southeast Asia. Based on a combination of Chinese and Indian martial […]

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Thai Tattoo

Thai Tattoo Style

Thai Tattoo Style Impressive Though It Looks Painful. I guess it worth the pain after all. Just look at their face when the tattoo is done. And the tattoo itself is so impressive. Credit : celebritywallpapersexy.blogspot.com

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