Chianf Rai & Ko Phi Phi, Thailand – Backpacking?

Planning my places to visit in Thailand next summer & Chiang Rai might be on the cards.
So far I plan on visiting Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai; Kanchanaburi, Sukhothai & Koh Samui.

So, should i bother going to Chianf Rai then? What is there that I can’t do or see in any of the other stops in my tour? Any advice from someone who’s done this before?

Also what is the distance for Phuket to Ko Phi Phi; how do i get there on a budget (i.e. Normal boat, not speedboat) and how much & how long does it take? Also is it worth visiting from Phuket for the day or overnight???

Any help would be great.

Times not an issue yet, maybe later when I need to narrow places down. I’ll be travelling for a few months anyway, probaly four in & around SE Asia.

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  1. How long will you be there? weeks? months?

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  3. Chiang Rai has rich of nature quiet and romantic, but Thai people more like to go in winter rather than summer. well, I would say no need to go if not enough time or wanna save budget for other places. you may get Chiang Rai’s info by this site http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Chiang%20Rai%20hotels.html Koh Phi Phi is surely worth to go as it is recognized as one of the most amazing beautiful island in SE. if you wanna know more about Thailand and specially amazing Thailand stuffs and paradise accommodation in Thailand, try this website…. http://www.discovery-thailand.com have a nice trip

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