How much money would i need to travel thailand/viatnam on motorbike?

I am thinking of goin to thailand and maybe vietnam and wanted to no how much would you need for about 6month plus if any 1 has any info that would be helpfull please, also is it easy to travel on motorcycle round thailand finding different hotels as u go, thanks

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  1. You cannot take a bike into Vietnam. You might be able to buy a bike in VN and then go to cambo with it.
    Riding in Thailand is ok but you must stay alert. Riding around Bangkok is a nightmare if you don’t know your way around. Plus the traffic is terrible, even while riding a scooter.
    your best bet is to take a nice air-conditioned bus between cities and rent a bike when you get to your destination. All the tourist cities of thailand have scooter and big bike rentals.
    This saves a lot of paperwork hassle at the borders as well.

  2. You can rent a motor bike in Thailand but you cannot bring your own bike there. It is true that Bangkok is very traffic but if you have a motorbike it will be very convinient for you.

    You just need $5,000.00 to stay for six months but be very careful of the visas you are applying. From time to time the guidlines and procedure changes.

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