I phone or blackberry?

hi I will soon be in Kuala Lumpur and am currently in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and I am British. Anyway I am thinking to buy a phone in KUL I have only ever had a mobile for emergencies and I wonder about these i phones and blackberries and such.
I would like one with a camera and an MP3 player that possibly has the internet. Can anyone tell me about these things?
I also don’t wanna be on some ridiculous tarrif when I go home and prefer pay as you go for phone usage, as I hardly ever use them.
I also need an unlocked phone, but I got one easily in Thailand so I assume locked phones are a stupid British thing.
please help with any advice on these phones.

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  1. BlackBerrys and the iPhone fall under the smartphone/PDA category which means they pack alot of different functions into one device. If you’re looking for a phone just to make calls, then I don’t recommend any of these phones, but if you will be doing lots of texting and emails i recommend a blackberry, if you decide to do texting, emails, music, video, internet, then the blackberrys and iphones are basically equal, the only disadvantage I see is blackberry has less apps and iphone is a touch screen which makes typing somewhat harder

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