Recommended Clothing

Thailand, recommended clothing

Thailand, recommended clothing

Selecting appropriate clothing for visiting Thailand depends on the season and your itinerary, including your intended activities. However, while shorts, sleeveless t-shirts, and sandals would seem most practical, Thailand has somewhat conservative dressing standards and Thais tend to look disapprovingly on those too casually dressed, particularly for those intending to visit temples or establishments catering to well-to-do Thai clientele, both of which are unlikely to allow you entry if you are dressed in such a manner.

That said, streets do flood during the rainy season, and temples and even some Thai businesses expect you to remove your shoes before entering. So sandals are quite practical.

Loose fitting, lightweight clothing that breathes well and dries quickly is your best bet for “rainy” season garb, and a poncho and/or travel umbrella is also highly recommended gear.

A hat to protect you from the sun is a good bet year round; one that protects against sun and rain is an even better idea.

During the cool season, if you plan on visiting the northern regions, perhaps Mae Hong Son or Chiang Rai, a long sleeved shirt or light jacket is advisable. In fact, people have died of exposure in Northern Thailand, and at 2,565 meters (8,415 ft), Doi Inthanon may yet see snow as the Thailand climate undergoes change. Check weather conditions before your trip, and pick up some warmer clothes at the markets in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai before heading up into the hills.

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