Thailand Travel/Visa/Extensions, What is the current policy?

Want to travel and live in Thailand/live in Thailand with my fiancee. Have current/valid United States Passport. Wanting to know if I can travel there for the 30 tourist period and keep applying/paying for extentions to remain in that country. Any advice on this and fee’s/costs of extentions helpful. Thank You … Respectfully … Charles

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  1. Thailand is costly paid country and do not need for visa and you know that 1$ = 35 baht and one meal is only 20 baht.

  2. Sorry Charlie but you can’t get extensions to a visa because you don’t have a visa, you are coming here visa exempt. They may grant you a few days if you have an emergency reason but other than that no. If you get married and have the income or money you can keep in a bank account you to can apply for a 0 visa based on marriage. Or maybe an educational visa to study Thai here. Also if your over 50 and have the income or money you can apply for a retirement visa. You need to read the website for the Thai embassy in the USA. http://www.thaiembdc.org/consular/visa/Tourist.aspx

  3. I’m no expert, but I have been looking into this myself. IMHO..
    If you come in visa exempt (the 30 day period) you will be up against it if you plan to stay longer. You could come in for 30 days, apply for a retirement visa, but most likely will have to leave and then return because it is unlikely you will get it within the 30 day period.
    Before leaving your home country you should try to get a 90 Day Type O visa, and then apply for a retirement visa as soon as you can after you get here.
    And….Good luck!

  4. I believe the best you can do is to come on a tourist visa. maybe a double entry, which gives you 2x 60 days and you can extend the 60 days period once each for 30 days and 1900 Baht at a local Immigration office.

    After that your tourist visa is used up and you would have to apply for a new visa outside Thailand’s borders.

    Many do this by going to Cambodia or Laos and apply for a Tourist visa in either country.

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