What can I use to repel dogs quickly?

I am currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I ride a bicycle around town, and from time to time I have trouble with street dogs chasing me. If you have been to Thailand then you know that dogs (also known as soi dogs) are a big problem. There is is bike shop here that I use frequently. The owner showed me a device called a “Dazzler” which apparently repels dogs momentarily with a high frequency noise. He got the device from his brother, who brought it to him from the US. I have Googled the word Dazzler but can’t come up with anything like this device.
Do you know a web address for this product? Or perhaps the name and web address of a similar product.

Although I am open to other ways to deal with this problem, please don’t suggest that I use a bb gun or throw rocks, etc. None of that works when you’re on a bicycle.

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  1. Sounds like you’re thinking of the Dazer. I’ve posted a link below that has a good description of it – sure sounds like what your bike shop had.

  2. pepper spray
    big stick
    ask if he can get one for you

  3. What your friend has is the AS SEEN ON TV dog repeller see the link below for order info

    but a good trick is too get a spray bottle fill it with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 ammonia cleaning solution and spray that it will repelle the dogs due to the high scent it produces

  4. G’day Skipper, the device is actually called a Dazer and I own one.

    I bought it from Amazon and yes it works by emitting an high frequency sound that dogs hear but we humans cannot.

    I use this on my own dog to control her barking and it’s worked on many other dogs too when we are out for walks and I have recommended it to lots of people in YA dog section.

    From memory I think I paid around $20 to $30 for it.

  5. I used to have a Dazer, and I think that is what you are talking about BUT it worked much better on CATS than dogs, and better on little dogs than larger ones. One thing that is said to work well on all dogs is the citronella spray dog deterrent. I think this is stronger, more concentrated than the citronella spray that is used in the barking control collars. Don’t remember where I saw it…try kvpet.com, jefferspet.com, petedge.com or maybe try to google citronella dog deterrent. This stuff is said to deter attacking pit bulls far better than pepper spray.

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