What should I know about living in Cambodia?

I’m in Thailand now, familiar mostly with Chiang Mai and BKK. What is LOW cost of living, with respect to lodging-like guest house in or out of the capital?

I want to train Khmer boxing, and will go between Thailand and Cambodia, and possibly Myanmar. I’ve found lodging in Thailand everywhere between 2 and 3k baht, 60-100$. What is the low end there in Cambodia?

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  1. depending on where you are in Cambodia the prices vary from similar to Thailand to a little higher. I have found very inexpensive lodging in Phonm Phen and prices to be somewhat higher in Siem Reap. Probably because of the popularity of Angkor Wat.
    Remember everything, and I mean everything is for sale in Cambodia. Most of the serious grifters in the world end up there at some point in time so hold tight to your wallet.
    Keep a small amount of local currency in one pocket and the bulk of your pocket money in the other. If stopped by one of the three police agency’s pull out the small denomination cash when they want the bribe and you might even be able to argue them down a little. If you pull out the big bucks its gone. I have a friend who takes a book everywhere he goes. If he gets stopped by the cops he just sits down and pulls out the book and starts reading. waits them out! he usually gets off Scot free. Don’t ever run or try to dodge the military police. they would just as soon shoot you as look at you. You are safer to hire a driver than renting a bike. Just trust me on this. its worth it. I have more if you need it and check out this site for some inside expat info.
    http://www.asia-expatsforum.com/phpBB2/cambodia-links.php -

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