Where and What should I see in Southeast Asia?

I’m definitely planning on spending 8 weeks in Thailand, and then I want to spend four weeks each in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. However, I could only pick 2 out of the 3 countries (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam) and I’m having trouble choosing.
Which two should I choose and why? What are some “must-see” places in these countries?
Also, I read that Laos is within bus-distance from Chiang Mai, Thailand, so maybe I could just spend a weekend trip there while I am in Thailand?
Are these countries safe for an 18 year old girl to travel?

I will be traveling with others but just in case at night..

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  1. personally I’d go to Vietnam and Cambodia for historical purposes. I don’t know if it’s safe by yourself. There are real pirates and such. Maybe do your research on each country and see what’s to your liking.

  2. I have been to Thailand when I was like 9…almost 10 yrs ago. I haven’t went anywhere nice but my cousin had. The beaches are definitely the places to be! See the palace of the King and Queen or just go shopping…it’s cheap!

  3. you should not miss Cambodia.
    do you want to see the Angkor Wat, the world largest temple in the world ?
    do you want to see lot of great temples built by the great kings even the king of Egypt cant effort with secret and complicated plan?
    do you want to know how the Ancient Empire started war or made war to control most of those part in Southeast Asia(Khmer Empire)
    much more…
    if you want to know all these, The best place to visit is Angkor wat temple in Siem Reap. and the beach in Shiahanouk Ville, very natural beach, alot of places to visit but it depend on the time you have, if you want to see the VERY natural mountain or forest it takes you so much time but i can recommend you somewhere like Pailin in Battambang Province(waterfall, Blue Mountain ….), Rattanakiri and Modulkir (waterfall, natural mountain, wildlife….) very very green country.

    if you read many book about khmer rouge you will be interest in Pol Pot, the killing field ……
    acutally there is no difficult rule for you to be aware of. The big thing is you have to aware of is accused of being sex with children.

    The Hotel rate is cheap, you can find it every where when you reach Phnom Penh, guest house is more cheaper.

    everything here is not expensive at all.
    people are very nice and their english not bad.
    i am Khmer if you need me to help just tell, i try ma best
    night life is very safe here

  4. why are you not visiting malaysia, when are you going to be his close to the worlds oldest rainforest again, taman ne gara national park, or even better malay borneo!!! i love borneo, i’ve seen wild elephants, 7ft crocs, orangutans, hornbills!
    your 18 so hopefully you dont mind roughing it a little bit so check out the link. uncle tans is a small run tour with the best guides in malaysia, and ridiculously cheap!! really really good fun! and why not climb kinabalu (highest peak in south east asia) , awesome thing to do and gerat to tell your mates! its not really a climb i made it up and i’m even scared of heights!

    anyway just a suggestion! you can get really cheap flights from thailand with air asia especially if you manage to work out dates with a couple of weeks notice but even if not compared to uk and us prices there really cheap!

    as for thailand go to bangkok with a rough idea of what you want to do over other weeks and stay on khao san road i normally stay in chart guesthouse it really nice 250 baht for single room, then go have a drink and meet other travellers you cant miss them and trust me your original plan will be changed or enhanced by everyone elses plans and ideas!

    enjoy and say hi to phi phi for me in thailand if you make it there!

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